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So you want to learn how to fly fish, WE CAN HELP! The PFFA has contacts throughout Pennsylvania, Trout Unlimited Chapters, Fly Fishing Clubs, Veteran’s Organizations and Individuals who are ready to share their knowledge and expertise to help you get started. Contact the PFFA at, and we will provide you with contact information for an organization or individual that will be glad to assist you in fly fishing.

Fly fishing is unlike most sports, it is not a competitive pastime, it is not a contest to see who catches the most fish, or the largest fish. Your only challenge is with the fish and the environment, and not your fellow angler. Fly fishing is not a complicated activity, it is not difficult to learn like most people think, it is a sport that all can enjoy. It is a great activity that the whole family can enjoy, in fact our youth, and women in many cases adapt to fly casting faster than many adult men do. With all involved, it can be a great family activity, something we no longer have enough of in today’s world. Fly casting is very easy to do, it does not require strength and power to do, which is why our youth and women excel, where men try to use their strength and power, where one finger will accomplish the task.

Our good friend Lefty Kreh always promoted a reasonable cost for fly fishing equipment. He did that in part when he went to TFO (Temple Fork Outfitters), as an adviser, and rod designer, today you can buy a good fly rod for no more cost than any other fly rod. Besides the misconception that fly fishing is difficult to learn, there is also a misconception that it is expensive to do. There are fly rods that can be bought for under $25, delivered to your door that is are not only inexpensive, but decent rods. We encourage anyone that thinks they would like to try our sport to contact the PFFA so you can get you started; it is truly a gift for a lifetime. Whether you are young or old, male or female, healthy or disabled; there is help available to you through the Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Association at no cost, to get you started in fly fishing.

Upcoming screenings of Live The Stream will be held on June 20th in Sun Valley, Idaho and June 27th in Bozeman, Montana.
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